Five years

August 2013, I was still a student, TBO INTERACTIVE was located in the Auguststraße and the team was only six bright minds. Today it’s the Torstraße and 16 minds. Friday was my last day at work and I want to say thanks for five terrific years.

I want to thank all of TBO’s clients, with whom I was able to work on all of these projects. There is Daily Ratings and Research Lab for Prosieben Sat.1, the AOK vigo and Bleibgesund magazine, the ValuES website for the GIZ, the Alcomedia iPad app for the Landesstelle für Suchtfragen Schleswig-Holstein e.V., the awarded Artomat app for the SKD, the iOS Universal app, the Handelsblatt 10 iPhone app and lastly the Antenne Bayern app. Every project was a challenge and I learned quite a bit.

I want to give thanks to Daniel, Ruslan, and Steve, with whom I got to work with for five years, and who got me on board four years ago and since then have met me with such trust. Four people, completely different, united by common values and driven by a shared goal.

Most of all I want to give thanks to the sublime team. I enjoyed the professional challenges. Not only the skilled discussions and the energy but the drollery during lunch and our common achievements. It makes me proud to think, that I built this team.