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Hi, my name is Cornelius Horstmann and I’m an iOS Developer and Tech Lead from Berlin. more about me

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  • A Checklist to create the best Pull Request

    Pull requests, sometimes called merge requests, are an essential part of a teams workflow. It helps to catch bugs early and is a great way to learn and grow. There are a few things to consider in order to have an effective pull request.

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  • Jekyll Speed Improvements

    This blog is based on jekyll a static site generator that takes my markdown files and generates static html, css, JavaScript and all the other magic that makes this beautiful blog. I love this setup mainly for two reasons. Firstly, I write in markdown so my content is independent from the platform. Secondly, I like static sites. It is so much harder to create an inflated and slow page where the visitor has to wait for seconds until the page is loaded after each click. If you put in the extra effort it is possible to have sites served at lightning speed.

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  • One day project: Bookmarks

    Bookmarks is a very simple iOS application to save bookmarks. The basic idea is to archive the websites and make them searchable. It should be able to answer questions such as “what was the website, where I read something about XYZ”.

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  • Five years

    August 2013, I was still a student, TBO INTERACTIVE was located in the Auguststraße and the team was only six bright minds. Today it’s the Torstraße and 16 minds. Friday was my last day at work and I want to say thanks for five terrific years.

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  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins

    In september 2016 a blogpost on announced Blue Ocean and with it declarative pipelines and with that the build and deployment process can be managed from within the repository. In the meantim the plugins are well hung and additional plugins have been developed.

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